Phonics and Handwriting Information

How to Hold a Pen or Pencil

The foundation of any good writing is holding your pen or pencil correctly. We start in Reception teaching the children to 'crocodile snap' which is a fun way of ensuring the thumb and index finger pinch the pencil. The crocodile snap is the next step up from the tripod grip (where 3 fingers are used) and should be encouraged as soon as children show good control when using 3 fingers to hold their writing apparatus.

Phase 2 Sounds and Letter Formation

These videos have been put together to help you support your child with the pronunciation and letter formation of Phase 2 and 3 sounds in Letters and Sounds. 

We use a pre-cursive formation in order to help you child develop the muscle memory in their hands to effortlessly join in Year 1. It is advised that although difficult to some, this is also consolidated at home as it can become very difficult for children to develop their handwriting if they are going between pre-cursive and non-cursive as both utilise very different skills.

Phase 3 Sounds and Letter Formation