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Autumn 2 Newsletter

Awesome Egyptians
Thank you for helping your child do their homework about Egypt- we have had some  good pieces of work which will look great on our new display.

Visit to Derby
The trip to Derby is coming up next Thursday 9th November. Don`t forget that your child needs to wear trousers as part of their school uniform and bring a scarf or plain hat to cover their head. They will need to bring a warm outdoor coat. Remember that the children need to be in school by 8.30am ready to leave at 8.45am prompt.

Class Dojo
It was great to see that some of you have already “liked” what the class got up to on Monster Day. I will do my best to check your messages and reply regularly from this week onwards, but remember- if you need to talk to me urgently, you can always to pop in after school to see me or arrange an appointment before school. Good old –fashioned notes are still very effective as well!

Homework timetable


Spelling every week


Maths books


English         I am Learning Maths


Maths books


English         I am Learning Maths


Maths books


English         I am Learning Maths


Holiday topic homework

Reading at Home
We had a good response to our Read at Home initiative- I will be giving out prizes to those who read at least 9 times during the half term. Hopefully, even more children will receive prizes at the end of this half term. It`s a seven week half term so I am raising the target  to  reading at least 12 times with a maximum of 3 points a week. Thank you for all your time and hard work- I`ll check what`s happening about the parents` raffle!

Reading targets

I can explain my viewpoints on a wide range of fiction, poetry, plays and non-fiction.

 I can explain my understanding of the text.

I can retrieve and record information from non-fiction texts.



Autumn 2 Topic Web

Click to download and view our topic web, with all the exciting things we'll be learning this term:

Monsters gatecrash Reception party!

On 16th Nov, everyone arrived in school dressed as monsters, to launch  the new Class Dojo messaging service. What nobody realised was that real monsters had been here first...

Our classroom had been trashed - we could see the remains of party food, plates and cups lying everywhere - and out in the playground we could see monster footprints heading on all directions. The children`s task was to investigate the clues the monsters had left in the playground and on the field and to decide exactly what had been happening over the weekend. We discovered crumbled up Monster Munch, goo -or was it snot- in a hole in the garden and party poppers lying around. We found a giant present and birthday card, obviously from a monster.

The  day was  a great opportunity to write in our Exciting Writing books .We wrote reports on what we had observed and concluded that some monsters had been invited to a party that Miss Jolly`s class was throwing at school. Unfortunately, they took the word "throwing " rather too literally and the result was the trail of destruction we found on Monday morning!


The Fantastic Fours and some amazing year 5's have been starting to create computer games using 'Scratch'. Look at the concentration!

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Mission: Explore

Thank you for helping your child with their project about famous explorers- we have already had a look at some of the work they have produced. On Monday 18th Sept at 1pm, I would like to take the class out on a map reading trail around the streets in the vicinity of school. If any parents or grandparents are able to come and give us a hand , would  you let me know as soon as possible. The  activity will last about an hour. We will have a celebration of some of the work we have been doing this half term on Friday 20th  Oct at 3.05pm after Golden Time. Do put the date in your diary.

PE lessons will take place on Thursdays and Fridays until further notice.

Reading at home
We are starting a school initiative to encourage all children to enjoy spending more time reading at home to a parent or grandparent. In years 3 and 4, we are aiming for three times a week at home whenever possible. Please would you date your child`s reading record and write a comment in their reading diary. There will a competition in class each half term and the winners` families will also be entered into a prize draw!

Reading targets Sept /Oct 2017

I can explain my understanding of the text.

I can ask questions to improve my understanding of a text.

I can use the text around to make a sensible guess about the meaning of a new word.

I can use 2nd letter alphabetical order to look up the meaning of a word in a dictionary .


Autumn 1 Topic Web:

Click to download and view our topic web, with all the exciting things we'll be learning this term: